Quality Automotive Engineering in Nigeria

Our team of experienced professionals are always precise and pragmatic in meeting of customer’s needs. We have a team of thorough bred and versatile professionals whose technical expertise and experience transverse across ever kind of vehicle. Their dexterity and unmatched ethical values is our legendary advantage in giving our customers a mind blowing service experience.

Other Services We Provide


Suspension Upgrade

For our High Net worth Individuals (HNI) customers using customized vehicles like bulletproofed or Armoured vehicles, some of these vehicles come from OEM automakers like Toyota, Nissan, Ford, Escalade, etc.
The vehicles are embedded with ballistic armored sheets to prevent penetration of bullets and the windshields are likewise equipped with ballistic bullet-resistant glasses of varying thickness based on protection level specification.


Upholstery work

We provide total upholstery refurbishment of both fabric and leather materials on the vehicle chairs, dashboards, interior floors, doormats, boot rugs, and bonnet rugs. Specification.


Fabrication and welding

A section of our business provides a wide range of welding and fabrication services for vehicle building and reconstruction of trucks for new functions. Welding comes in form of cab heads, chassis replacement, bucket building and fabrication, Exhaust modification, etc.


Key Coding

Our optimized and sophisticated scanning machine allows easy key coding for the replacement of your car keys and the replacement of the electronic control unit of your vehicle as at when due. Our technical team is globally equipped, versatile, and confidently make a difference in executing every given task to detail.


Engine Overhauling

This is a very critical service for us. Our engine experts are ever ready in carrying out compression testing, engine noise detection, tune up services and all forms overhauling repair support services to ensure that our customer’s vehicle are always functioning well.



Brake system consisting of Antilock braking system(ABS), Automatic Brake Distributor (ABD), actuators, brake master cylinder, master booster, caliper, rotor, pad kits, shoes, wheel cylinder, etc. Our newly acquired brake tester, screeding machine, and brake calibration setting. We handle everything brakes without any reservation. The safety of our customers is a key priority


Steering works and rack repairs

We engage in the replacement of faulty items along the steering line. Some of these items include the steering pumps, steering box, electronic power steering (EPS), steering hose, steering rack, column, etc. to ensure a noise-free and extremely convenient wheel operation.



This is our premium and customized vehicle unit. We are a reckoning force and an incredible manufacturer of quintessentially and marvelously built armored vehicles. Our team of engineers and foreign partners from Israel, Canada, and India ensure that our protection level overwhelms the current ammunition available.

Rockbilos Armored and bulletproof world offer high-end, quality bulletproof protection for all types of cars and models. We convert regular vehicles to magnificent and extraordinary bulletproof machines with special armored features in a way like no other. You can trust in us as our available protection capacities range from protection level 1 to 8 and it's inclusive of supplementary short guns.

Rockbilos armored and bullet proof vehicle's fabrication and repair company is a company based in Lagos, Nigeria specialized with designs and production of wide range of armored vehicles, our clients are predominantly banks, law enforcement agencies, corporate clients and individuals all over the world. We maximize best practices in technological innovations, design and quality management to address security threats faced by our customers all over Africa. We all need based services in a convenient, affordable, classic and unique way to our clients. Our test track and testing facility avails our client opportunity to test to confirm credibility at a charge.

Our team are totally committed to our customers.

Out team’s goal is to become a powerful automobile manufacturer that is welcomed and celebrated across the world. The roadmap towards achieving this is predicated on maximizing and developing the entire value chain from the raw materials to finishing. 

We maintain manufacturers’ specifications and our global technical services team across the world provides us every current technical improvement on each vehicle and special recall campaigns.

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