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We prioritize booking maintenance appointments that give us ample time to understand the issues with your car

Working Hours

What We Do

At Rockbilos Autospace Solutions, our products and services revolve around the entirety of automobile engineering needs of corporate engineering outfits, military/police agencies, High network individual, upwardly mobile professionals and special class of car owners.


Auto Maintenance Services​

A section of our business provides a wide range of welding and fabrication services for vehicle building and reconstruction of trucks for new functions. Welding comes in form of cab heads, chassis replacement, bucket building and fabrication, Exhaust modification etc.


Brake Repair Pads & Rotors​

We fix brakes of all kinds, we also carry out brake system upgrades especially on bullet proved or armored vehicles to raise their body weight to trust ratio.


Spare Part Purchase

We have a department that offers prompt sourcing and stocking of spare parts to keep the workshop afloat with spares when needed. Our off counter sales officers enable sourcing of spare parts for customers who are only interested in parts purchase.


System Diagnosis & Repair​​

Our advanced diagnostic equipment is always available and we ensure that every vehicle is properly scanned for qualitative service delivery.


Air Conditioning Services​​

Our robust engineering team of air conditioning repairers is abreast with the latest techniques and equipment for recycling air conditioner gas, leak detection, regular flushing, and general servicing of your vehicle’s airconditioning system.


Vehicle Amouring

We are specialized in armoring luxury brands like Escalade, G wagon, Toyota Landcruiser, Ambulances, Cash in transit vehicles, military tanks, etc. We are currently divesting into Armoring of Air crafts, Jets, Ships, space ships, and trains.

Why Choose Us

We are consistently building alliance and collaborating with our international partners in vehicle building, equipment manufacturing, vehicle armoring etc.

Expert Engineers

The class of vehicles we service can be categorized into light-duty and heavy-duty vehicles and Armored Civilian vehicles, includes; Sedan and SUV vehicles, Toyota Coaster, Toyota Hiace, Toyota Landcruiser, Mercedes G-Wagon, Escalade, Royce Royce, Range Rover, Artego Mercedes, etc.

Special appointment Scheduling

We prioritize our clients especially those who book maintenance appointments that gives us ample time to prepare for the vehicles visit and special discount are given to such customers because we see such clients as partners.

Trusted Work

Special Home Delivery which allows your vehicle to be serviced and maintained at your home, offices and any location but this is limited to maintenance services and comes with additional cost to customers.

Guarantee Value added Services

We have other value added Hauling services, Road recovering services, rental services on cranes, rentals services on our cranes, forklift, etc.

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Drive in, get your car fixed

Coming with an accumulative experience of over 30 years in Design simulation, Repairs, Maintenance, Fabrication, Research, and Development, we can assure you that our teams are always engaged in continuous improvement and are constantly being trained across the best parts of the world especially by the best automakers in the world.

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